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Alchemy Fund

Alchemy Fund is an emerging Nordic investment manager that is regulated by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority. We manage our equities fund with one goal in mind – good qualitative returns for our clients.

In Alchemy we take part in the wealth creation in Nordic listed companies and protect clients under larger marked corrections by “staying on the sidelines”. The fund has also the possibility to generate positive returns in falling markets. The flexibility required to cope with both good and bad markets is present – a flexibility traditional equity funds do not have. Our investment strategy has functioned well for our clients and the results has received International recognition. In 2016, Alchemy won the prize for best Nordic hedge fund in tough competition with other funds.

Alchemy’s investment universe is listed companies in the Nordic region. The fund uses a “top-down” process. That means that we evaluate the macro and outlook of industries, prior to identifying and investing in companies that represent the best risk reward. The portfolio construction seeks to give clients a more favorable exposure to stocks than the stock market.

As an investor in Alchemy Fund, you rest assured that the fund is managed with laser focus on wealth creation every year. Leading employees are significantly invested in the fund at the same conditions as clients. We call these terms where the client do not pay fees unless we deliver positive returns, “Nordic region’s most honest” actively managed fund.

Investing with us is suitable, both for you as an individual, family office or institution. Our goals are the same – good qualitative returns over time.