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We will assist you
in managing your wealth

International awards for strong results

Solid historical returns at lower risk

No fees without positive returns


Stolt Kapitalforvaltning

Alchemy Fund is an emerging Nordic investment manager. We are about to launch a new alternative fund, based on our strong track record. Alchemy will be regulated by both the Norwegian and the Swedish Financial Authority.

In Alchemy we will take part in the value creation of Nordic listed companies through a present-day value approach. The fund will also have the opportunity to generate positive returns in falling markets.

As a client in Alchemy Fund, you can be confident that the fund is managed with laser focus on wealth creation. Key employees are significantly invested in the fund, at the same terms as our investors. We call our terms and conditions:  “Nordic’s most honest” for actively managed funds. There are no fees unless the fund delivers positive returns.

Investing with us is suitable for institutions, family offices and individuals. Our goal are the same for all clients – good qualitative returns over time.

Prøv investeringskalkulatoren


1.000.000 KR

Antall år

10 ÅR


12% (Alchemy Fund)


8% (Alchemy Fund)

* The expected range shows 1 standard deviation from the expected future value, and is based on Alchemy’s historical net return to it’s clients.

The assumption for the bank deposit rate is 1%.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Returns can become negative as a result of capital loss.

Stolt Explorer

Picture 1

Stolt Explorer er et aksjefond med investeringer i selskaper over hele verden. Vår strategi er annerledes sammenlignet med tradisjonelle globale aksjefond både geografisk og på sektor-nivå. Et bredt investeringsmandat gjør at vi kan utnytte mulighetene som oppstår i ulike markeder. En veldiversifisert investeringsportefølje gjør fondet robust i perioder med krevende markedsforhold. Tydelig investeringsprosess, høy grad av systematikk og få skjønnsmessige vurderinger.

Nøkkelinformasjon for investorer Stolt Explorer A (NOK)
Nøkkelinformasjon for investorer Stolt Explorer B (NOK)
Informasjonsbrosjyre Stolt Explorer
Fondsbestemmelser for Stolt Explorer

01 - Mission statement

01 — Achieving the best absolute and qualitative returns for our clients. Finding the appropriate risk balance to deliver strong qualitative results over time requires prudent investment decisions, a well-constructed portfolio and maintaining discipline to the fund’s investment principles

02 – Methodology

02 — The fund has the flexibility to generate positive returns in rising or falling markets, protecting capital in markets with undefined risk versus return relationships. This flexibility has functioned well in different market conditions  with results that have led to International recognition on risk-adjusted returns.

03 – Approach

03 — The Fund has a present-day investment approach. We identify and invest in the companies that represent the best risk versus reward. Our principles completes the process.


04 — As an active participant in the stock market, we play our part in improving liquidity of listed equity instruments. We are one of many important contributors, to a well-functioning market place. Control and infrastructure requirements form the basis for proper pricing and equal information dissemination to all market participants. These are all prerequisites for the integrity of the marketplace and investor confidence. These are the ground principles we stand behind and fully support.

01 - Mission statement

02 – Methodology

03 – Approach


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    Jarle Birkeland

    Investments / CIO
    (+47) 97097324

    Chief Investment Officer and CEO. Background as an independent trader and stock broker in Arctic Securities. Former professional football player and junior member of the Norwegian national team. MBA with concentration in Finance from CLU Graduate School of Business, California, USA.

    Benjamin Vincent Jansen

    Research / Analyst
    (+47) 41321168

    Analyst. Talented programmer with quantitative expertise. Graduating BSc IT Economics from NTNU H1-19.

    Trond Amundsen

    Marketing / IR
    (+47) 90109389

    Investor Relations. Over 10 years as a stock broker at various firms including DNB Markets. Former professional handball player and member of the Norwegian national team. MNEF Real Estate from BI Norwegian Business School and authorized stock broker from Norwegian Securities Dealers Association.

    Kjersti Sanstøl

    Chair of board

    Chair of board. Kjersti has held diverse positions within law, pertaining to finance, corporate and regulatory issues. Background from Thommessen Krefting Greve Lund and 9 years in the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority. Former Compliance Officer for Pareto Group, Clarkson Platou. She currently holds several other board member positions within the financial industry. Cand. Jur Law degree from University of Oslo.

    Espen Aubert

    Board member

    Board member. CEO and main shareholder of Daimyo AS, with privately held stakes in real estate, fish farming and alternative energy. MBA from NHH and University of New South Wales, Australia.

    Lars Birkeland

    Board member

    Board member. Lars has over 25 years of International management experience. His most recent position was CEO of Kronans AB, a leading pharmacy chain in Scandinavia. Lars currently advises both early stage and established corporations. MBA from University of Rhode Island, USA.

    Marius Haabeth

    Board member

    Board member. Background as financial controller at Telenor, Basale and Torghatten. Active investor within venture capital, private equity and listed equities. BSc in Finance and International Marketing from University of Colorado, Boulder, USA.

    Frank Ystenes

    Board Member

    Board member. Frank is a private investor active in venture capital and private equity, with holdings in real estate and environmental technology.